A complete guide and knowledge about “Moonbeam Network”

A complete guide and knowledge about “Moonbeam Network”

Blockchain technology was the first one who founded “Moonbeam Network”. This is applicable for monetizing the networks in the digital age. The organizations provide an option to their users to compensate for the things which they work online with the help of micro-payments and by not just doing the advertising. For more clarification, let u start discussing different points to get complete knowledge.

Working on this technology

The main goal of this technology was to eliminate the digital advertising platform by utilizing the power of blockchain standards. This will help in delivering economic incentives to all the candidates who are participating in a similar supply chain. How secure is this process? Generally, this process works on exchange protocol built on EOS.IO, steem blockchain methods which helps to attain user privacy. This process is also beneficial for addressing the problems if there are any ad frauds.

The advertisers can work to purchase the media at scale which will be available on a real-time basis. You will be able to see the ad impressions without any problem. The complete process is inbuild as a protocol. Therefore, there is no need for any middlemen and guarantees that all the participants will be getting the amount for what they had paid and measurable media.

You are allowed to exchange the tokens and hence it is an easy job to monetize the data once you start sharing it with different businesses. The complete process will be shared in real-time processes and is helpful in receiving payment. These are known as Moonbeam tokens.

Advantages of “Moonbeam Network”

There are many benefits and advantages to advertisers, publishers, investors, developers, users, and others who all are involved in the ad supply chain.

1. Decentralized advertisement network

This network means that your entire data is stored in a safe place and cannot be used by a third party without asking and getting your permission.

2. Open-source tool

The complete code which is available behind the network can be seen by anyone which means it can be seen publicly. Thus, it builds trust and hence the developers are always on top of this platform.

3. Well-improved privacy for users

The users have a choice of how they want to do their work. Like if they don’t want to share their work with advertisers, publishers, or any of the third-party partners. These all processes are possible as it provides a better privacy environment for the users.

4. This is great to get the compensation

You will be amazed to know that you’ll be getting the payment for the crucial and personal information which is available in such networks. You just need to set the quality products at nominal cost.

5. Feasible to connect people globally

Another advantage of this decentralized network is that it gives an equal opportunity to the individuals for participation. Thus, now the people are allowed to connect with others across the globe.

6. Tracking the activities

Advertisers have a right to track the campaigns and manage them accordingly. This can be possible for enhancing the ROI.

Thus, “Moonbeam Network” is an open-source application that is used for software updates and variations to the protocol. These changes will be available for each individual to view and provide their suggestions. This technology provides payment to users for their data and information. On the other hand, the advertisers come across their audience with the help of targeted ads which are searched by the users as per their interest.

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