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If you have a dream to create beautiful, flexible, responsive android apps for mobiles. These top 5 android app development online courses. These courses will provide you training that will assist you in developing high-quality apps and will provide your study materials, tutorials, and course videos.

Google Developers Training

Google has free online courses for developers that will provide your certification of App developers with certified teaching resources. You can gain a competitive advantage in today’s technologically advanced world and help you to excel in your career.

Google Developers training team has provided two types of courses for the developer:

  1. Android Developer Fundamentals (V2), is created by the Google developers training team. For this course you need to have some experience with the Java programming language. This course contains code labs for developers, concepts of android developer’s fundamentals, slide decks, source codes for starter apps, and solution code for apps. In code labs, you can create apps and practice the skills you are learning in the course. The course covers app creation, user experience, working in the background, and saving user data.
  2. Advanced Android Development, this course will take your app developing skills to the next level. This course will teach you the ways to expand the user experience, app performance, and features like animations, location, and custom views. The Advanced Android Development includes five units:
  • Expand the user experience
  • Make your apps fast and small
  • Make your apps accessible
  • Add geo features to your apps
  • Advanced graphics and views


Android O & Java – The Complete Android Development Boot camp, this course doesn’t require any programming experience, you should have a PC or Mac with at least 10 GB of free space and you don’t need any paid software as all the apps will be created in Android studio which is free of cost. Till now 34k students have already enrolled in the course. You will get HD video tutorials and at the end of the course, you will ready to make your app or provide freelancing services. There are 36 sections, 289 lectures, and the course length is 21 hours.

The courses some of the benefits like:

  • Certificate of completion
  • You can access the course on both TV and mobile
  • 18 downloadable resources
  • 61 articles to read
  • 5 hours of on-demand video


Build Your First Android App (Project-Centered Course), this course will provide a unique platform to create to build android apps through customizable building blocks that you can assemble to create many different apps. After you complete the project you need to move to an advanced course in Android app development.

In this course, you need to have prior experience in programming Java and need to have a PC with a good internet connection. Here you will practice your skills on the free software that can emulate a phone on your computer. This course will help you to become an expert in handling real-world projects of app development.

The study time is 10 hours with 10 hours of project work. (Approx. 22 hours)


Certified Android App Developer Training Course, is a Google certified android training course that will give a boost to your career as a professional android app developer. Here you will learn to set up the android environment, user interface, architecture, controls, services, layouts, content providers, and multimedia API.

The course provides you:

  • Flexible pricing
  • Self-paced eLearning and/or instructor-led options
  • Enterprise dashboard for individuals and teams
  • 24×7 learning assistance
  • Enterprise dashboard for individuals and teams

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