Different Types of Hypervisors in Cloud Computing

Types of Hypervisors in Cloud Computing

Do you about the Hypervisors? If not then we are here to help you out with complete knowledge and understanding of this technology. It is important software that is used for enabling the process of virtualization. When the virtualization layer is been created with such technology then it separates the central processing unit or we can say the system processor, RAM, and different physical options from the virtual machine. The system which is been used for installing the hypervisor will be called the host machine. In this article, we are going to discuss the different Types of Hypervisors in Cloud Computing. So, stay tuned to grab the complete understanding in a small amount of time.

This technology is helpful for processing the number of guest systems on a physical host computer. This process is beneficial for making up the various computing resources. It includes the concepts of memory, network bandwidth, and some of the options of CPU cycle as well.

Various Types of Hypervisors in Cloud Computing

There are two different kinds of such technologies available which we are going to discuss right below the points.

Type I Hypervisor:

These kinds of techniques are able to run directly on the host machine hardware. This enables to monitor the hardware and the different guest virtual systems. The complete concept is known as bare metal. There is no need to install any software and you need not require the same for such technologies. The concept is powerful and needs experience in knowledge so as to work appropriately. Some people find it cumbersome to work as of its complex behavior. It also consists of some specific hardware that is helpful for running the process in an appropriate manner. Because of such reasons, many companies are now switching to using such concepts for their data center computing. Some of the top organizations that are utilizing these technologies are named Xen, Oracle, Microsoft.

Type II

Another kind of procedure is known as the hosted hypervisor in the IT industry. This is because this kind of technique is been installed on top of the current operating system. There is no allowance for working with the more complex virtual job. Therefore, individuals use the same for only basic development purposes. Like testing and emulation kind of methods are easy to operate with this method. In case, any of the problems or bugs is been identified in the host OS then the complete running virtual systems will be compromised. This is the main reason why companies don’t prefer this option for their data center computing process.

If you don’t require the security purpose for your data or information. Then, only it is feasible to choose such a method else it is not recommended to work with such a system.

Before, proceeding towards such understanding. It is advisable to have proper knowledge of cloud computing. Many individuals are not aware of this term. It is the provision of computing resources that should be available on the internet. For example, storing the information, applications, servers, development software, and different network capabilities. This process is beneficial for businesses to grow their infrastructure on the internet platform. As per the above points, now you will be able to understand the Types of Hypervisors in Cloud Computing.


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