How Critical Features of the Instagram Algorithm can help you to build a Large Following

How Critical Features of the Instagram Algorithm can help you to build a Large Following

Instagram’s criteria for feed ranking relies on machine learning based on the users’ behavior to make unique feeds for everyone. Instagram shows you personalized feeds based on how the users interact with accounts. They will never reveal their inner working and its algorithm that makes their social media platform so powerful.

Before discussing the critical features of the Instagram algorithm first let’s understand the meaning of the algorithm.

About the Algorithm

The algorithm is the heart of computer science. The algorithm is a procedure that defines a set of instructions i.e. executed in a certain order to get the desired output and is used for problem-solving operations.

These are some categories of the algorithm:

  • Algorithm to search for items in structured data.
  • Algorithm to sort items in orders.
  • Algorithm to insert items.
  • Algorithm to update existing items in structured data.

Key Critical Features of the Instagram Algorithm that can help you to build a large following

  • Starting on Instagram: Starting on Instagram is very challenging as the Instagram algorithm is cruel for fresh Instagram accounts. In the initial stages, you can use certain methods to boost your account like optimizing your hashtags, maintain consistency and following the people so that they follow you back. But you need to be very careful in following these methods because if you go to extreme you may be declared spam and your account could be disabled by Instagram.
  • Consistency on Instagram: Consistency is very important on Instagram because posting consistently with proper hashtags helps you in gaining followers and keeps your existing followers engaged. You should plan and schedule your posts, stories, hashtags, and captions in advance.
  • Collaboration with other accounts: As per experts, algorithms favors collaborations on Instagram as it will help you to reach their audiences and increase your followers list.
  • Relationship: Instagram algorithms give priority to the posts of your family and friends. The algorithm uses your interactions with people with whom you direct message, whose posts you like the most, and people you search on Instagram.

 Additional Features that Influence the Ranking on Instagram

  • Frequency: Frequency means how often you open Instagram, as Instagram will try to show you the best post since your last visit on Instagram app.
  • Usage: Your Instagram usage determines two things- that are you seeing the posts or spending more time digging into other accounts.
  • Following: When you are following a lot of accounts, Instagram will show you accounts from a wider range of accounts so that you see less of specific accounts.

Written by Hardik Tokas

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