How to Add Gmail Account in iPhone

You can easily add both your Gmail account and Non-Gmail accounts on your iPhone, Ipad, or iPod. You can add your Gmail account in two ways- with the Gmail app or with iPhone’s mail app. follow these simple steps to add your Gmail account on iPhone or any IOS device.

How to add Gmail account in iPhone through Gmail App

  1. Download the Gmail app from the IOS App Store. Open the Gmail app on your device.
  2. On your, Gmail App open your Profile Picture.
  3. Then tap on the Add another Account.
  4. Then choose the type of account you want to add to your Gmail app:
  5. iCloud,, or accounts, but for these accounts you need to add or enter specific settings or on an app password.

How to add Gmail account in iPhone Mail App

  1. Open the Setting App on your device, then tap on Accounts.
  2. Then a list will appear on your screen, Choose Google from the list of email providers.
  3. Enter your email address and password > Tap on Next.
  4. Now Google will verify your email account.
  5. Choose the information you want from your email account- Calendar or Contacts.
  6. Tap on

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