How to Add Labels in Gmail

How to Add Labels in Gmail
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Sometimes organizing emails becomes very complicated if you are receiving hundreds of emails every day and you may end up losing your important mails in those hundreds of emails.

Gmail provides you a very useful feature that will help you in organizing your mails i.e. Gmail Labels. Through Gmail labels, you can add tags to every email you receive or send. This will help you in organizing your Gmail inbox.

Follow these basic steps to create a label in Gmail:

  1. Login to Gmail on your computer.
  2. On the left side, you will see a menu, scroll down then click on Create new label.

create a new label

1.After clicking on the Create new label, give a name to your label > Click on Create

Create new label

2.Now open any mail where you want to add a label, above your mail you have some options, click on Label then select the label you created from the dropdown options.


google tabel

3.When you back to your inbox you will see the label you created will appear next to your mail.

created will appear next to your mail

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