How to Send Money Through PayPal from India to USA

How to Send Money through PayPal From India to USA
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You can send money internationally on PayPal.

PayPal lets you send money between more than 200 countries and 25 currencies, and may moreover provide you with the proficiency to replenish a mobile phone for somebody in foreign. Nevertheless, it isn’t a complementary or free of cost service, and there are surcharges associated with these sorts of money transfers.

  • The transfer cost is 5% of the transfer amount, with the lowest charge of 99 cents and an utmost of $4.99 if you’re sending from your bank account or PayPal balance.
  • If you’re operating a debit or credit card to send money, there is no fee barrier, and you’ll have to give an extra 2.9% allowance payment, additionally, a fixed cost that relies on the region or country you’re transferring currency

Following are the steps that one has to follow in order to send the money from one country to another:-

1.Go to or open paypal app (IOS or Android) and log into your account.

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2.Toggle over to the “Send” button in the bottom bar.

3.Write “Name or Email” in the top bar of the person to which you need to send money.

4.Choose a country from the drop-down menu and hit on “Next.”

5.Choose how to send the funds from the table of options functional in that country.

6.If you need to deliver money to somebody who doesn’t possess a PayPal account, you’ll be veered around to the website Xoom, where you’ll follow the on-screen sparks to finish off your transfer. This is also the alternative you should take the yield of if you need to pay worldwide bills or recharge a phone abroad. Xoom will enable you to deliver money to your recipient physically, transfer it to their bank account, or allow them to pull it up at a dealer.

7.If you head with a PayPal-based transfer, enter the amount and currency for the transfer. You’ll be competent to select which currency you wish to makeover your money into.

8.For those who got on with a PayPal-based transfer, you’ll automatically be demonstrated how much the recipient will attain after fees and currency changeover. If it’s the appropriate number, click “Next.” PayPal will evaluate the fees you spend before you approve.

9.Put the recipient’s phone number or email Id, and then click “Next.” If the ID you choose isn’t linked with a PayPal account, a request to enrol with PayPal will be mailed also.

10.If the individual you’re delivering money to isn’t in your contact list, put in a remark, your recipient’s name and territory of residence, then reexamine your transfer and hit on “Continue” when prepared.

11.Insert amount which you wish to send, that amount will be converted from your native currency to the currency the receiver will or can accept. 

12.Select the credit card from which you wish to send money.

       13.Hurry! You have successfully sent the money.


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