Instagram for Social Media Marketing – Tip and Tricks

Instagram for Social Media Marketing- Tip and Tricks

When Facebook and Instagram were launched in 2004 and 2010, they were just like a simple social media platform where people share their stories, their life, selfies, and photos. Now, there are 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram globally and 95 million photos and videos are shared per day.

“Instagram is a great platform for Chobani. It allows us to show how people use our product and inspires new ways to savor.”~ Jessica Lauria, Global Marketing Leader

Social media marketing experts believe that Instagram provides the best platform for marketing products and services of your business. Instagram for social media marketing helps businesses to gain more engagement from customers and audiences.

Instagram for Social Media Marketing of Business

Instagram has several tools for your business like:

  • Shoppable Instagram posts.
  • Advances analytics for tracking your audiences.
  • IGTV platform for videos- Here you can share videos about your business or products.
  • You can set up your business profiles on Instagram and connect your Facebook page with the Instagram business account.
  • You can add a Call-to-action button in your profile like- Book an appointment, Make a reservation at a restaurant, get tickets for an event, order food, and donation.
  • You can make business partners that will help you to expand your business.
  • You can use Instagram insights for learning more about trends among the users and the performance of your post among your followers.
  • You can keep track of followers who are seeing your content.
  • You can create campaigns by using hashtags.

Tips and Tricks for using Instagram for Social Media Marketing

To make your business or your products famous on Instagram follow these tip and tricks:

  • Your username should be good, effective, and easy to remember.
  • Your bio should be simple and clearly describes your business or your niche. You can use hashtags in your bio to get more engagement.
  • If you have a website of your business, you can add a link of your website in your bio to increase traffic on your website.
  • You have to make a strategy that what you gonna post like stories, images, short or long videos. Instagram posts play a very important role in engaging people and increase your followers on Instagram.
  • You have to decide what and when you will post because consistency is very important on Instagram like two posts in a week or one post per day. If you post once a month then you will not be able to keep your audience engaged.
  • Your images or stories should be creative. Your photos and videos should be properly edited to attract more audiences.
  • You have to plan a visual style of your Instagram profile like the style of posting or colours you use in your posts.
  • You can use canva or Adobe Spark to create creative posts and stories for your Instagram.
  • Hashtags play a very important role in engagement. You cannot use more than 30 hashtags on your post so do proper research of hashtags related to your post.

Benefits of using Instagram for Social Media Marketing

  • You can show your products and services to your audience.
  • You can build your community by connecting with people.
  • Instagram will help you to gain awareness of your product or services among the followers.
  • You can share news and stories related to your niche.
  • If you have an established business then you can share the values and culture of your business.


If you want to build your startup or business then Instagram is the best platform for you to promote your business free of cost but for that, you need to know about social media marketing and Instagram marketing then only you will able to make proper social marketing strategies and for that, there are many online courses.

It just takes 8 seconds to attract any person, so you have to see that can your post attract or engage the audience in those 8 seconds or not. You will not gain a thousand followers or likes on your posts in one day or a month, it will take time to get followers on your profile and customers for your business through Instagram.

Consistency is the key on Instagram.

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Written by Hardik Tokas

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