Master your skills by utilizing Effective Excel Hacks

Excel Hacks

Microsoft Excel is required in many companies as well as people utilize the same for their personal work. There is a number of Excel Hacks which an individual should be aware of. Here, we are going to discuss all such hacks in brief. You will be able to get most of the answers from this blog.

How to create a simple dropdown list?

This is an easy activity in which users have to select the cells and then click the option named as data then choose the data validation. These settings will help you to make a simple dropdown list. Then select the button given as Ok. This will make you highlight the provided cell. There will appear a small arrow with which you can feasibly mark the list.

How to use the option of Freeze panes?

When an individual is busy working on large spreadsheets then they are in need to see some of the columns or rows right there from the point they are scrolling. This can be possible by using the feature called freeze panes. You need to select the available cells for which you are willing to freeze the area. Then go to the option of View and then choose free panes. Then you’ll be able to see the checkmark near the menu option. This will make your selected area to be frozen.

Able to add the column or given rows

People sometimes find it tricky, to sum up, different numbers available in a column or a row. In such problems, users are allowed to use the function given as SUM. There is a simple formula that will help you to sum up all the numbers available in a sheet in nanoseconds. All you need to write =SUM( then highlight the cells from where you wish to start with a semicolon till the number you wish to end. This will help you to give the correct number without any mistake.

Easily hide the columns or cells

Some people do not wish to provide certain information to other people. In such cases, you can use the feature to hide the cells from viewing. This can be done by choosing the Hide cells option from the Format button and then clicking on the Conditional formatting. That’s it your job is done.

How to insert a URL in a sheet?

Some people are not aware of the Excel Hacks. Like they wish to add a hyperlink in their document. Then there is a specific feature in Microsoft office which will give you a choice to add the same. Try to go to the Insert option after selecting the cell as per your need. Then Choose the hyperlink button. Here, you are allowed to enter the URL of your website which you need to add to your sheet. Once you enter the details and hit enter. You will be able to see a link in the same dialog box. These are some helpful tips that can be followed to make a better spreadsheet.


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