Reliance AGM 2021: Reliance WhatsApp Chatbot Launched; Know How to Use

Reliance AGM 2021 Reliance WhatsApp Chatbot Launched; Know How to Use (1)
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The WhatsApp RIL AGM 2021 discussion helps shareholders and watchers to answer their queries. At the 44th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 24 June, a number of extremely major announcements are planned and the business unveiled the Reliance WhatsApp chatbot ahead of time. The new products at AGM are scheduled to launch and the rumors are that they will also feature a Jio 5G phone and JioBook. The WhatsApp chatbot responds to questions concerning the event. The AGM will be placed remotely and is the second virtual Reliance AGM due to the continuing pandemic of coronavirus.

To give shareholders and general viewers’ access to questions, video explainers, and materials produced for the RIL AGM 2021, the Reliance AGM WhatsApp chatbot was launched. Reliance provides the newest product updates including Jio and JioFiber at the AGM, and you may connect to the WhatsApp chatbot if you’re interested in obtaining the latest information.

How to use the RIL AGM WhatsApp chatbot?

First, save the number +917977111111 on your phone.

Then send a ‘Hi’ message to this number on WhatsApp.

You can then send your questions to the chatbot, and you will be presented with a number of options.

Select the option from the list and follow the instructions to go ahead.

The Jio 5G smartphone is running a tailored version of Google’s Android OS for low-cost handsets. The firm will also be using its Jio 5G phone with a modified Android OS, JioOS, which will aid the integration of the Jio 5G phone with its services. The Jio 5G phone is said to have been created collaboratively by Reliance and Google to deliver a high-end experience using costly components.

The RIL AGM 2021 is certainly highlighted by the phone from Jio 5G and JioBook laptop. Reliance and Google had stated at last year’s AGM that they will cooperate to build an inexpensive smartphone. Reports have revealed important facts about the collaboration over the previous few months. The Jio 5G telephone has cost about 4,000 people making it the cheapest 5G telephone. In a space of two years, Reliance will also be selling between 150 and 200 million Jio 5G phone cells.

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