Tips, Tricks, and Features of Signal Private Messenger

signal private massenger

Signal earned vogue in India soon after WhatsApp declared openly its recently updated privacy policy. In the policy, the company spoke that it shares some user information with Parent company Facebook.

Users seemed unhappy with the new policy, and that’s how Signal became the talk of the town. Even the Tesla CEO Elon Musk asked his followers to “use Signal”. Alongside Signal, Telegram is also being regarded by users in India as a substitute to WhatsApp.

1.Linked device

Signal enables users to utilize the platform on as many devices as possible, unlike WhatsApp. You can use Signal app on your phone, laptop, tablet or any other device, all at the same time.

2.Group video call on desktop

Unlike WhatsApp, Signal moreover gives an option for video group calls on the desktop. The only is there on the mobile app as well. Nevertheless, there’s no group voice call option there. The method is straightforward; all you need to do is select the contacts, add a name to the group and click on the video icon.

3.End-to-end encryption

Like WhatsApp, all messages exchanged on Signal are end-to-end encrypted. This implies all messages exchanged with your friends will be noticeable only to you and your friend and to no one else.

4.Dark mode

Signal moreover offers Dark and Light mode options. The interface can be shifted to light or dark whenever needed by heading to the Settings menu, click on Appearance, enable dark/light theme.

5.Read receipts

Like WhatsApp, Signal has an option for a reading receipt. This feature can be enabled or disabled whenever needed.

  • Facilitating read receipt suggests your contacts will be able to discover whether you check their messages or not.
  • Disabling the option means, they will not be able to see when or whether you check their message.

Written by Ritik Gupta

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