Useful Experts’ Tips for Starting a Podcast: A Step by Step Guide

Useful Experts’ Tips for Starting a Podcast: A Step by Step Guide

Many people are wondering how to start a podcast as the audio continues to show itself as wonderful marketing, sales, and monetization tool nowadays. This article will walk you through tips for starting a podcast, step by step.

To begin, let’s define what a podcast is-

The podcast is an audio format, they can also be recordings of a television or radio show, a lecture, a concert, or another event. Podcasts frequently deliver each episode in the same file format, such as audio or video, so that listeners may enjoy the show, in the same way, each time. Podcasts first appeared in our life in 2004, and they have been a game-changer for individuals and businesses worldwide since then.

Having your podcast is a rewarding way to express yourself and produce content. It’s a pastime that may also serve as a great addition to your company’s marketing portfolio. Whatever your objective is for creating a podcast, keep the following tips for starting a podcast:

Set a Goal

This step is sometimes ignored, yet it is your first step in the process. What is your podcast’s goal? Is it to raise awareness, gain sponsorship, generate leads, provide thought leadership, or convert customers? There are an infinite number of goals, and they will all affect how you go ahead with your podcast.

Next Up, let’s choose your Podcast Topic

What genre or category do you wish to reside in?

Whether you’re a brand, you’ll probably select a topic in which you’re an expert that pertains to your business, or you may choose a topic in which you want your brand to be connected. If you’re an indie podcaster, you may be discussing one of your hobbies or having talks about things that interest you.

There are plenty of potential subjects from which to pick. One thing you should always do is look into what podcasts are currently available in the topic/category you want to get involved in. This offers you an idea of how you might distinguish yourself and be different from others.

Plan Your Podcast

It might be difficult to fill a full episode with high-quality content at times. To keep the “uhs” and “ums” from taking over your podcast, prepare each episode ahead of time. Even a simple outline will help the podcast run more smoothly.

Set aside some time with your co-host to have planning sessions for your upcoming programmes.

What topics are you interested in delving into?

What bullet points can you list to divide the issue into a sufficiently long segment?

Who are you able to invite to appear on a future episode?

The more things you can iron out ahead of time, the smoother the performance will be during recording.

Be Consistent in Making Podcast

Try to keep to a schedule as you gain a following of regular listeners. This way, your listeners will know when new episodes will be released and will be able to tune in. Otherwise, people may drift away or become side-tracked by other activities while waiting for spontaneous content.

You don’t have to record at the same time every week; just keep your publication schedule constant. For example, if you decide to release a new episode every Friday at 9:00 a.m., listeners will know when to anticipate the most recent installment. It is possible to automate.

Share on Social Media

When you’ve finally launched your podcast, it’s time to let the world know about it. Otherwise, your podcast will be drowned out by the slew of other podcasts on the market. Utilize the power of social media to ensure you create a following right away.


Written by Hardik Tokas

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