What are the 5 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn?

5 Most Popular Programming Languages To Learn

Candidates who are willing to know about the top 5 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in this new year. They can take assistance from here. Being a programmer or to build a career in development it is important to choose the appropriate language. There number of computer science courses available in the market. But before choosing the one, you need to examine your area of interest. Also, try to investigate the industrial market. Which language is more demanding in the IT industry? This process will be beneficial for the people who are concerned to learn different skills for making their career. Here, you will be able to understand each and every aspect of such skills. You will be able to make decisions on your own which course you need to prefer and why. We have tried to discuss things in detail so that all your questions will get disappear and clear out from your mind.

Prominent and 5 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn are given below:

1. Python

This is one of the latest computer science languages which is completely suitable for beginners. This concept is feasible to be utilized in various domains. This is known as one of the high-level developments. It consists of accessible syntax which is easy to understand for the people who are just starting their development. Once you make your mind to grasp the things then after a certain period you will be getting interested in similar assignments and algorithms.

2. JavaScript

Another important application that is used for web pages is abbreviated as JavaScript. This can be used for creating attractive web pages which are known as the front end for your particular website. One of the known areas where people are using JavaScript outside from the browser is known as Node.js This concept assures that candidates can execute the code multiplatform. The candidates who are willing to start their future to become software engineers. They can feasibly choose from any of the two points mentioned here.


This is known to be the safe and secure language that is used since a long time ago. Many candidates still work with this strategy as of its security advantages. Since there is a boom in the market related to smartphones and tablets. The companies still working with this technology as all the android devices are developed using JAVA.


SWIFT technology is widely used in smartphone applications. You must be aware of the phones which are working as Android and MAC OS for Apple iPhone in the market. Do you know that Apple uses this technology for programming? Also, they work with objective-C. In case, you need to go with computer technology in iOS and Apple applications. Then it is advisable to choose the SWIFT language. The candidates who are working with this technique, they are also getting good in hand salary. A swift programmer is capable to release applications for the Apple store.

5. C (C, C++, C#)

For a long time, people start their careers by learning the C language. This consists of the basics of information technology. If you know C, then you can learn any of the technology available in the market. These are called low-level concepts which are very close to that of the machine language. You need to pay attention to the syntaxes as there are very important otherwise, you will get an error during the time of compilation of code. C++ was developed for improving the C language. These technologies are still in demand and people try to use this concept in their organizations.

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