What are the Common Types of Bugs in Software Testing?

Common Types of Bugs in Software Testing

A programmer is a human being and not a computer machine thus there are acceptable chances that the code is not perfect many of the times. Therefore, it is important for the organizations to hire the best software testing team so that they can examine the vulnerabilities and the developers can then try to rectify such problems. We have tried to bring the same in different categories which can help you to understand the things in an effective manner.

It is better to classify the different problems and learn about the various categories by each individual. This will be helpful for locating the problems in an easy manner and without wasting the time. Now, it is the requirement to prioritize the bugs on the basis of their severity. Let us start to discuss the Common Types of Bugs in Software Testing.

How to find the severity of the program defects?

If you didn’t resolve the bugs available in your code then it will lead to various new issues which can hamper the work and productivity of the organization. The companies hire the best QA specialists who are trained to find the bugs from the functionalities and complete the website. Then it is decided to prioritize the problems on the basis of their severity in nature. The tester will then decide the things on the basis of static or dynamic software testing.

The difference between the above-mentioned points is that the static type is cheaper than that of the dynamic. These are feasible to find and easy to resolve in the mentioned time at the earliest stage. While the dynamic ones are complex and need more time for resolving the issues. These can be understood by the following points:

  • If the severity is low then it means the problem does not have that much impact on the functionality. These can be common errors like any grammatical error, font-size issue, wrong color, and similar such problems.
  • Another sort of issue is categorized into minor types. These are not known to be drastic but there are possibilities that users can find the issues related to the UI of the website.
  • The next severity type is high which needs to be fixed as soon as possible. This consists of a high impact on the functionality if the bugs are available at such a stage.
  • If there is some problem related to the security in the application then these problems need to be resolved immediately. This process is critical and both the testing and development team is going to handle this situation in an appropriate manner.
  • The last stage is known as the Block bug type. This can shut your website or application in case it comes with such a drastic problem. The developers need to work hard for resolving the problem as it will hamper the productivity of the organization.

There can be a lot of problems that can be found by the testing team. They examine the process in different ways which can help to investigate the bugs from the application. These can be categorized in different points like Functionality bugs. These kinds of problems are available in the application or the website on which you are working. If any of the events is not working properly any button is not responding correctly. Some other problems can be found with the aspect of performance, compatibility, security, syntax bugs.

These are some of the Common Types of Bugs in Software Testing which need to be resolved by the developers as per the severity.

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