Yahoo! Answers to Shut Down forever on May 4th

Yahoo! Answers to Shut Down forever on May 4th

Yahoo has declared that it’s closing down its Answers website next month. The site will go to read-only mode on April 20. On May 4, it’ll be taken down entirely, redirecting people to the Yahoo homepage.

Yahoo Answers users can request to download their former data, including questions and answers they’ve posted, before June 30 before it vanishes.

In an FAQ, Yahoo asserts answer seekers can instead “visit Yahoo Search for answers and information from the web” and Yahoo’s COVID-19 page “for specific info and resources around the coronavirus pandemic.”

Yahoo Answers launched in 2005, with categories including finance, cars, internet, electronics, education, entertainment, health, news, and parenting. The current homepage’s glance displays questions about politics that seem to be the top interest now, with far-right conspiracy hypotheses taking up several of the top spots.

The old message board, where users could rack up points by posting questions and answers, doesn’t need any outstanding proficiency from users before permitting them to post responses to others’ questions.

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