Fighting with yourself – Assess Your Mental Health

negative thoughts

Negative thoughts. Well, if you’re reading this then you’re already aware of these terms. But if you’re not then let me tell you what these two words mean.

Understanding emotions
In simple words, Negative thoughts are thoughts that are negative. Well tackling these thoughts is not easy as the meaning of these words means. Dealing with negative thoughts is like fighting a war with yourself. A war where some are constantly losing and some may have won. The scope is just too wide. These thoughts can lead a person from one illness to another, Starting from over thinking to anxiety to depression and many more. And the reason behind these thoughts can
be anything. But the real question is what are those reasons? There are too many

But one main cause is “fear of missing out” generally called FOMO. Now, how is the FOMO reason behind negative thoughts? This fear of missing out is a fear to miss any ongoing social trend. And due to this fear we start comparing us to people following that trend. And then we start doubting ourselves. Which automatically brings this negativity in us.

Understanding our thoughts
But let me remind you one thing, in order to not miss out these trends, We’re missing ourselves. We’re losing us. Trends are called trends for a reason. It comes and goes. But this fear which has been placed in our mind stays. And due to that, we lose ourselves. And then comes these thoughts

Let me tell you something. In order to be acknowledged by the society (which you don’t actually need) don’t lose yourself. Don’t fade out. Being an old school is not bad. Doing what you love is not bad. By doing what you want, what you love is not missing out, it’s catching up with yourself. And when you do that you won’t have these negative thoughts. You’ll feel free.

Anything that can be done?
And if still these thoughts, this fear is lingering in your mind, then do this
1. Close your eyes
2. Think about a place
3. Now, think about people of that place
4. How much do you know about their culture?
5. Are you curious? Want to explore more?
6. Then do it.

I am not saying that you’ve to be there to explore it. There are so many ways to explore. Do the right use of technology and learn more about new places, things, people, their culture and many more. There’s so much in this world. So many problems, evils, issues, which need to be tackled by the right minds. And the peace you’re seeking will be yours when you’ll let loose your thoughts. Let them be free. Let them fly. Let yourself free. Take a break. Your mind needs it. You need it. Stop
thinking for a while. Stop this fear. Stop where you are. Sit down and breathe. Take a sip of water. Just stay still for a while. And close your eyes and breathe in, breathe out. Stop thinking. Things will be your way soon. If there’s a day, there’s always night and then it’s day again. After negative, there will be positive. As the saying goes “this too shall pass”. It will pass. And our life goes on.

Written by Samiksha Grover

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