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the misunderstood feminism

Today, around us we see a lot of people, specially females, calling themselves feminist and talking about why females should be given more respect.

But, do really females deserve more respect?

The straight answer is ‘NO’ actually, anyone who deserves respect should be given respect, it has nothing to do with a specific gender or age. When we talk about ‘feminism’ the focus should be on equal rights and not more rights. In layman language, feminism has nothing to do with bashing men or pulling them down it’s actually about treating women equally as men because there are a lot of organizations and institutions in which women are denied the respect they deserve. They have poor working conditions, eve teasing, security issues are some problems they face in day to day life and they aren’t paid equally as men for the same work they both do. Not only in outside world but in domestic households also women don’t receive enough respect and sometimes they are subjected to domestic violence and marital rapes. Our society has a mindset that housemakers have no jobs to do.

But due to some misunderstandings and misguidance some people have made a tradition of bashing men and calling them down and call it as ‘feminism’. People on social media have made it worse and have damaged the real prospect of feminism which is equality. And moreover, they bully and disrespect everybody, including their own tribe of females, who try to speak truth and distinguish both aspects of feminism. 

In our society we have some women who are housemakers by their own choice but these ‘pseudo feminists’ call them weak and disrespect their wants and needs. 

Patriarchy which is a major problem in our system and somewhere is the biggest reason behind women’s condition. It dates back in history when Kings used to pass on their kingdoms to their eldest “son” but we do see some examples like Rani Laxmi Bai ruling her own kingdom and fighting for the Independence. But, one or two examples can’t justify the whole patriarchal system. Accordingly to these misguided feminists ‘women’ should rule the world, which would eventually bring the other form of patriarchy, called ‘Matriarchy’. And argument should be done for equality and not for more or less.

Girls who belong to small towns or villages actually need feminism more than the privileged ones. These girls or women usually remain unaware of their rights and spend their whole lives fulfilling the expectations of their families. 

Not only women but we also see a lot of men participating in the “feminist” cause and supporting it to their full extent.

So, instead of creating a havoc and arguing for more Rights we should just fulfill our duties by helping unprivileged women and should see the beauty of equality. 

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Written by shagun pandey

My name is Shagun Pandey and I'm pursing BA LLB (H). I am an UPSC aspirant and a writer, I have worked with the dramatic society of my college. I am a feminist by nature and have a wide field of vision about every ongoing problem crisis in the present century. I firmly believe in team work and individual hardwork.

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