Book Review – The Things You Can Only See When You Slow Down

A simple read and an incredible book to get and put down as often as possible, it is loaded up with scaled down lumps of astuteness and impactful experiences. These are joined by wonderful outlines by Young Cheol Lee, which give astounding stops to thought in themselves.

Haemin Sunim is one of the most compelling Zen Buddhist instructors and authors in South Korea. He went to the States (UC Berkeley, Harvard and Princeton) to consider film yet then returned to Korea for devout preparation before coming back to the US to educate Buddhism. He presently lives in Seoul, however voyages broadly and his book has sold in excess of 3 million duplicates. In spite of his illuminated methodology, he is additionally especially in contact with current society (he has over a million devotees on twitter) yet picks his own way.

Composed with a bit of humor, a great deal of knowledge and conjuring emotions like those while drawing in with a shrewd more established family member… .it is as intriguing as it is down to earth!

The book is centered around approaches to grasp and acknowledge regular minutes. It has eight short sections with subjects including rest, connections, life, and otherworldliness. Every part is presented with the creator’s experience and point of view and followed by an assortment of contemplations, perceptions and ordinary guidance.

My proposal is to peruse a couple of pages one after another and invest some energy staying and retaining the words you have perused instead of perusing it as a novel. You may wish to keep a pen helpful to take note of your own musings and sentiments and a highlighter to record those words that impact you most!

This is an ideal book for your sack or the vehicle or footstool. So versatile and simple to plunge into for a lift in your day or some point of view.

Fundamental to Haemin Sumin’s way to deal with life is the need to pay heed, acknowledge what we have and approach every day with empathy for ourselves as well as other people.

I’d prefer to complete this with a couple of my preferred words from the creator himself.

On Work

“The individuals who work in a perky, loosened up way will in general work productively and inventively. The individuals who work relentlessly, driven uniquely by pressure, work without delight.

To continue accomplishing your work for quite a while, don’t treat it similarly as work. View it as a wellspring of happiness and development.

The way to satisfaction lies in getting a decent line of work, yet in addition in figuring out how to appreciate what you are approached to do. “

On Presence

“Everything in this universe is transient. Since it is transient it is additionally valuable. Spend this valuable second shrewdly. “


“Think beyond practical boundaries yet start little. A little change can have a major effect on your life.

For instance, on the off chance that you need to be more advantageous, at that point start by hitting the sack 30 minutes sooner.

On the off chance that you need to shed pounds, at that point start by drinking water rather than pop.

On the off chance that you have a significant undertaking to finish, at that point start by getting your work area composed”


“Your opportunity is a higher priority than cash.

It is smarter to carry on with the sort of life you need than to procure more and be obliged. Try not to sell your opportunity”


“Because our eyes are open, doesn’t mean we are wakeful”

“We can be devoured by outrage for quite a while without acknowledging we are irate.

Also, we are effectively somewhere out in dreamland without realizing we have been thinking”

Point of view

“At the point when we take a gander at the outside world, we are taking a gander at just a little part that intrigues us. The world isn’t the whole universe however a restricted one that the psyche thinks about.”

“At the point when you hear something that makes your head spin with rage, don’t shoot off a content or an email immediately. An insightful individual thinks about it. A moment’s passionate response regularly prompts deplorable results.”

“A VERY present day quandary: There are endless TV slots yet nothing fascinating to watch. An excessive number of decisions make individuals despondent.”


“To get food unstuck from a griddle, simply pour water in the skillet and pause. Sooner or later the food slackens all alone. Try not to battle to recuperate your injuries. Simply empty time into your heart and pause. At the point when your injuries are prepared, they will mend all alone.”

I trust you might be roused to permit this book to assist you with interfacing and delayed down.

Written by Ojasvi Taak

His name is Ojasvi Taak, currently pursuing law in his final year of the B.A.LL.B (H) integrated course. He wants to write and is inclined towards journalism and studies law to gain an insight of what makes the world, the way it is.

He is a product of multilingual north indian cultures and believes in not restricting oneself in one colour. An avid reader of indian history and philosophy, always tries to make sense of what was and what is. He thinks he can create art in the form of sketches and painting. He is always open to expand his horizons and is also a lover of travel. He wants to use his voice to make people aware about their rights.

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