Water Crisis and Corona in India, an uneven match?

Water Crisis and Corona in India, an uneven match

India is one of the 17 countries facing extremely high-water stress. Groundwater has been declining at an alarming
rate and more than a third of the country’s population lives in water-stressed areas. This number is set to grow due
to depleting groundwater and rising urbanisation. However, before we probe as to why this is occurring, let us first
establish that this unfortunate situation is indeed true. According to the NITI Aayog, all of the largest cities in India
are in the process of losing their groundwater reserves. The plight is so great that it is likely that by 2030 a whopping
40 per cent of the population of the country will lack drinking water

The whole world is at present fighting a destructive pandemic and starting at now, there are no inoculations
accessible to assist the worldwide populace. The most well-known and proficient technique for managing the COVID19 infection is to wash hands at customary stretches. With this, the interest of water has gone up in the midst of the
previously approaching water emergency over the world. Numerous Indian states are likewise experiencing an
intense shortage of water. Rustic India, the order that is significantly reliant on groundwater for farming reasons for
existing is likewise confronting the brunt of an exhausting groundwater level.

The Government of India is taking numerous pre-emptive measures to battle and to contain the destructive
infection. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has given a warning to state governments on drinking
water, keeping in see the coronavirus pandemic. The warning was given to guarantee the protected drinking water
flexibly during the countrywide lockdown due to COVID-19.

What is the distinction between water-focused and water shortage condition?
In Water Stressed Condition, yearly per capita water accessibility is under 1700 cubic meters though in Water
Scarcity Condition, yearly per capita water accessibility is under 1000 cubic meters.

MoHFW warning to States
It is realized that as often as possible washing our hands with foaming cleansers is the best and productive measure
so far to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. Therefore, keeping in see the earnestness of the infection, the
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has given a warning to the State Governments to guarantee accessibility of
safe consumable water to all the residents, particularly in the provincial territories where sanitizers are not

The warning further expresses that the Public Health Engineering Departments, Boards or Nigams of the State
Governments must guarantee the flexibly in water-inadequate zones. Likewise, any place required, synthetic
treatment of the water must be done to guarantee safe consumable water. Decontaminating synthetic concoctions,
for example, Chlorine tablets, blanching powder, Sodium hypochlorite arrangement, Alum, and so forth ought to be
utilized as and when required. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) further prompts the State
Governments to keep a track on water sanitizing synthetics and their accessibility. The decontaminating synthetic
concoctions are recorded in the basic items and are a piece of running gracefully chain in the midst of the lockdown.

Water testing units might be given to the townspeople with the goal that they can caution the concerned experts on
the off chance that the town gets sullied water. The residents must be prepared to utilize the pack and should be
educated on the occasional testing concerning the water.

Face Masks, sanitizers, and so on might be given to the authorities of PHED, especially the individuals who are
overseeing and keeping up the flexibly of water in the fields. In the event that the staff gets contaminated, elective
plans must be made to guarantee the continuous and safe gracefully of consumable water.

The notice further expresses that during the pandemic and significant lockdown, the interest for water may go up. In
this way, flexibly hours to bring water from the open stand present must be expanded on guarantee social

The complaint redressal system ought to be reinforced so any break in water flexibly should be quickly brought to
see and convenient move could be made to re-establish the water gracefully.

Crisis of Water in India
India is experiencing an absence of access to clean water from quite a while. This is on the grounds that the
groundwater levels are falling, the interest for water from the agrarian and mechanical division is expanding,
expanded contamination levels, and so forth. Notwithstanding these, the adjustment in atmosphere has expanded
the water shortage in India.
According to information by Ministry of Water Resources in 2017, normal yearly per capita water accessibility
tumbled from 1820 cubic meters in 2001 to 1545 cubic meters in 2011. The information further anticipated that the
yearly per capita water accessibility will decrease to 1341 out of 2025 and 1140 of every 2050.
As indicated by another report by WaterAid in 2018, India is among top 10 nations of the world having most reduced
access to clean water near homes, where 16.3 crore individuals don’t approach clean water.


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